Eve in the all minds

Let me introduce you to Eve...

Original woman.
My shadow and my light, my accomplice of the hours dark and rebels.
Companion in solitude.
My road in the middle of the chaos.

I was already defeated before coming in,
Until you have lived.

To survive, I gave her form.
It will be both sister and muse of my look troubled on the race of men,
Their vulgar violence, their bloody appetites.
Which to feast, gluttons,
Small brains, newspapers, televisions.

Slow resurgence, latent image of myself,
Which carries with it the fate of women,
Women uprooted, scorned, broken, broken, crushed, rejected, abused.
And his being bruised but gracile with me, free me and train,
Above the pain, massacres, misery.

If happens to fall asleep,
Carries with it, in the blue night
My cry and my hope.

This work has been done entirely in silver, with a Rolleiflex camera, and more recently with a Hasselblad camera. I love the square composition and the inverted vision it gives me. My film of choice for dealing with this topic is the Ektachrome Velvia 50 at Fujifilm, which has a strong record in contrast, a nice saturation of colors as well as a non-existent film grain. The color is part of my strong and melancholic temperament.