It is in Paris that lives and works the artist, specializing in staging, interpretation of urban areas, silent life, and many other artistic projects that attract and question. The Latin ambiances, rustic and artificial, allow him to compose stagings and to express his revolts, his sufferings and his loves with the help of his doll "Eve", which puts in all its states.
It is during a stay in the United States that she discovers the emptiness of her great cities, without souls, without history, and awaits the light conducive to the creation of a colorful image shaded by the sun to shape her desolate landscapes. Since then she has been spreading this subject to Europe, and to Asia - and thus showing us "her inverted cities".
During a walk in Ireland, it is while strolling in a place of burial that she discovers there a small statue locked in glass, which will become one of her obsessions and will make her current subject entitled "Live".
I invite you to discover his many projects; past, present and future in this site.
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